Mary Jean Galivan, owner of Desert Diva has been doing affordable face painting and body art for the last 15 years professionally in the Tucson area.  She also has been commissioned to work in the Chicago Area. 

She works with a group of talented artists and will work anything from private commissions to large corporate events.  She has worked at most of the resorts in Tucson.  Desert Diva is also at the Pima County Fair, working with a California Based company.  She worked the Monster Truck event at the Convention Center.  She also does private commissions for the Day of the Dead at her art studio located in Tucson, Az. 

She has a BFA in fine art from the University of Arizona, and  although she has a studio where she paints canvases, she gets her creative energy fulfilled by painting faces.  When the person looks into the mirror and sees their transformation there is joy in her heart.


To keep up on the latest products in her field, she attends Body Art Conventions and Workshops around the country, where she is taught by award winning artists.  It is there that she gets the latest FDA approved supplies.  At one of these conventions she was taught the art of Airbrush Tattoos.  This is great for older kids and adults.  They are temporary tattoos that last up to 5 days, but are easily removed with alcohol.  This is a great way to entertain large crowds.  We are a big hit at every venue. There is a two hour minimum per event. 

Desert Diva will  work at a discounted rate for non-profit organization and that is our way of giving back to our community.